The need for health monitoring

Critical assets: Transformers, Diesel generators, Elevators

Critical sectors: Airports, Hospitals, Power plants

Long lead times for procurement: About 3-5 months

High capital expenditure (CapEx): Tens of lacs

Need for Operational Expenditure (OpEx) optimization by pro-active maintenance

Need for risk based economic analysis

Need for LIVE status dashboard of assets: Tens to hundreds of assets in a large campus

Notal Salus Workflow

Notal Salus Workflow.png
  • Asset master

  • Benchmark master

  • Factory tests

  • Tier-1 routine tests

  • Tier-2 special tests

  • Asset analysis

  • Preventive maintenance scheduler

  • Resource allocation and business impact analysis

  • Ticketing service and tracking

  • Escalation and approval hierarchy

asset healthcare.png

Notal Salus platform

Enterprise Architecture: 3-tier architecture with central/cluster server compatibility. Supports on premise/cloud deployment

Scalability: Multiple sites, multiple assets all mapped and visualized over a single platform

Integration: Web APIs to send data for centralized dashboard and control center & automated data receival. Windows AD integration

Mobile/Tablet interface ready- Capture routine field data directly into the application using tablet app and analyze data trends from past history on-the-go

Asset Indices: Health Index (HI), Maintenance Index (MI), Criticality Index (CI), Risk Index (RI)

Machine Learning: All asset indices will be input to ML algorithms to identify the assets needing immediate maintenance in a visual dashboard

Case study

Site: Delhi International Airport Ltd

Asset: Transformers

Assets monitored: ~100

Maintenance tests: DGA, Tan Delta, O&M, Magnetizing current, Turns ratio, Short circuit, Winding resistance, Insulation resistance, Frequency Response Analysis

Preventive & Breakdown maintenance scheduler- schedule/view regular repeating maintenance activities, view History card and safety documents and assign Resources for each activity

Ticketing service & tracking- View Process Ticket History, Escalate Ticket to Multiple Levels/User Hierarchy and Apply/View Approvals for actions