Bringing Enterprise capabilities for everyone

The need for probe and assistance in the IT backbone of your business

Large no of IT assets to be monitored

IT resources deployed at multiple sites/branches

Need for proactive ticketing of critical assets- servers, switches and firewall

Need for consolidated automated health monitoring in a large campus

Optimized IT service delivery with ticket analysis

Need for risk based economic analysis

service delivery.png

The Notal Probe and Assist platform

Enterprise architecture with modern yet proven Hub and Spoke model

High scalability for multiple sites with compatibility for on-premise, cloud or Hybrid environment

Edge level computation to keep the services on the central Core light

Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Prediction algorithms to initiate self-heal procedures and raise service tickets automatically to proactively avert system failures


Notal platform.png
  • Advanced agentless scanning engine with support for modern protocols- Redfish, SNMP, WMI

  • Powerful capabilities for simultaneous tasking utilizing the Multi-threading technology

  • Highly data efficient with a-sync message exchange

  • Standard asset templates for all major OEMs for quick registration

  • Suitable to all sites/branches for continuous monitoring of all local assets

  • Computation light central application for IT asset overview and service delivery

  • Analyze support tickets and benchmark support performance

  • Single dashboard for bird’s eye view of key asset performance metrics

  • Risk based economic analysis considering the criticality of asset

  • Admin console for asset management and user access rights management

  • Consolidated reports for IT teams and management