What is the need for personnel management

The growth of any business depends on the talented and hard working people present to achieve the business goals. These personnel can range from permanent employees, contract labor, trainees to part time service men. It becomes very pertinent to your organization to improve their work standards at your campus and the means to precision clocking, fast check-in/outs and HSE for your personnel starts right at the gate. This provides a fundamental basis for effective personnel management. GateControl Personnel, a technologically advanced application transforms personnel clocking to a breeze- making your relationships healthier!

GateControl Personnel Workflow

Personnel workflow.png
  • Clean Design with just right no. of controls for easy one-time registration

  • Stable platform ensures no crashes: >99 % uptime

  • Personnel transaction screen: Verify the pass details directly from screen

  • Quick print pre-generated customized company passes

  • Self help videos & an always alert NN Support

  • Bar-code/NFC access cards ensure quick Check-in/outs: <3 seconds

  • Scan bio-metrics for 2 layer authentication: Finger ID/IRIS/Facial recognition

  • New personnel registration: Send ID, DOB, Medical & ESIC proof for easy pre registration

  • Recurring personnel get quick pass renewal: pre-generate and print pass using existing data

  • Pre-generate passes over web with your Win AD login

  • Handle exception lists & blacklists for your personnel

  • Dashboard & Analytics: See LIVE personnel, Reports on hours worked with charts or graphs

  • Admin controls:

    • Access control rights management

    • Configure shift time, over-time, buffer time & leave calendar

    • Easy gate & terminal setup with remote installations

  • A Quality product much more worthier than it's Price

  • Pay only for the Modules you use- Perpetual or Subscription License

  • Unlimited users and personnel license

  • Accidents happen- Get AMC cover at a small cost

  • User training- Hands on experience at nominal rate

Personnel Management System features


One platform with truly enterprise design & scalability

Multi location, Multi gate & multiple terminals compatibility for large no. of concurrent check-in/outs

Enterprise class Infrastructure, data security & privacy- Cloud & On-premise compatible with AD authentication for users

Finger ID/IRIS/Facial recognition^ with integrated Bar-code/Smart card access for fast authentication

Configure Work shifts, Buffers, Over time for labor, employees and manage Exception lists and blacklists

Stunning UI & UX with high level Dashboard for your security team- LIVE personnel 'Present' and labor summary count

Analytics & Reporting with advanced Data filtering/sorting- Complete end to end clocking of labor for actual hours worked

Best prices- Unlimited Personnel/Hosts license and pay as per Modules used

Best practices in personnel management system*

  • Minimum Personnel pass specifications- Photo, DOB, Blood group, Company, Manager & Permitted areas

  • Always send personnel documents beforehand for pre-registration- prevents crowding at reception/gates

  • Always verify government issued ID, Address and DOB to ensure security

  • Use bio-metrics for authentication and precise clocking at the gates

  • Ensure he is medically fit and has valid insurance for work

  • Remember to mention Emergency contacts and Safety instructions as per company HSE policy

  • Strictly adhere to the Labor laws & Compliance for the region

* NN encourages following of these practices but at the discretion of it's clients and as deemed necessary at the location of personnel management system