What is the need for Material management system?

Every business from as basic as a corporate office to an advanced industrial plant has material goods moving in and out of premises. Every material from a letter or a chip to printers or ACs, is a valuable asset of the company and this forma a fundamental basis to ensure secure tracking of these material goods. GateControl Material management system is designed for an impeccable handling of material and couriers of various classes and maintaining an up to date record of all material movement in line with your business requirements. Thus bringing care to your material and helping you to a timely return and zero misplacement of goods!

GateControl Material Workflow

Material workflow.png
  • Clean Design with just right no. of controls
  • Stable platform ensures no crashes: >99 % uptime
  • Capture details of invoice, vehicle, driver
  • Quick print pre-generated material passes
  • Self help videos & an always alert NN Support
  • Pre-generate passes over web with your Win AD login
  • Dashboard & Analytics with LIVE Material info and customized reports
  • Instant Email/SMS alerts for goods movement
  • Admin control-
    • Easy configuration & remote setup over web
    • Access rights management
  • Entry of every material ensures Timely returns and No misplacement
  • 3 actions for tracking: Classify Material, enter Item, enter Quantity
  • Partial material quantity & Cost center management
  • Complete process takes an average of 1 min
  • Bar-code scan ensures Quick movement of Outward material
  • A Quality product much more worthier than it's Price
  • Pay only for the Modules you use- Perpetual or Subscription License
  • Unlimited users and material license
  • Accidents happen- Get AMC cover at a small cost
  • User training- Hands on experience at nominal rate

Material Management System features


One platform with truly enterprise design & scalability

Multi location, Multi gate & multiple terminals compatibility for large no. of concurrent material-in/outs

Enterprise class Infrastructure, data security & privacy- Cloud & On-premise compatible with AD authentication for users

Stunning UI & UX with high level Dashboard for your security team- LIVE material movement and partial quantity summary

Analytics & Reporting with advanced Data filtering/sorting- Complete end to end tracking of material with Zero misplacement

Best prices- Unlimited Material/Hosts license and pay as per Modules used

Best practices in Material management system*

  • Tag all shipments other than couriers with appropriate labels of the material type with handling instructions for delicate material
  • Check each of the items for "To:" and "Return to:" name, address with pincode and phone and tape it to prevent tampering and wear
  • All official consignments have to be borne in company branded boxes with logo, address and phone in print
  • Passes and Invoices must be generated digitally for every material preferably with the vehicle no. and name of the person during Pick/Drop
  • A standard practice is to generate a "Cost of material" sheet for all items to keep track of Shipment value and its subsequent handling

*NN encourages following of these practices but at the discretion of it's clients and as deemed necessary at the location of material management system