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GateControl Enterprise-G3

-Functionality & Simplicity in One platform

An application crafted to perfection with careful attention to details making the GateControl platform unique and valuable.

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How do we track Visitors entering/exiting the campus

Pre-register visitors on the web. Customised visitor badges and in-depth data input. Bar-code pass for fast check-outs. Optional bio-metrics. Automated Email/SMS alerts to employees. LIVE visitor dashboard. Visitor kiosks for self check-in touch tablet interface

How do we efficiently record Personnel clock-in/out


Efficient time tracking/clocking with Bar-code/Smart card access. Finger ID/IRIS/Facial recognition for fraud prevention. Configure Work shift and Over-time for labor management. Exception list and blacklist management. Medical and Statutory compliance. LIVE 'present' list with payroll reports

What Material is moving In/Out of the premises


Make entries against Inward/Outward returnable & non-returnable material. Notifications for partial return of material. Capture vehicle, driver, cost centre, invoice information for restricted access. Store approval for outward material. Automated Email/SMS alerts for store managers.

What Mail/Courier is being Sent/Received by the company


Capture Inward & Outward bound parcels and couriers. Automated employee alerts for Inward Mail. Track outward mail along with cost center and keep count on the costs. Licensed with Visitor/Personnel/Material management system

A product rich in experience!

GateControl (GC) began as a project to manage the gate operations at an industrial plant of GMR-a case study. The challenge to NudgeNext (NN): Vast campus-High visitor density-Frequent material movement-Large labour & employee count. The process of gate management was disorganized and inefficient, one that could compromise plant safety. From 2010 to 2011, NN introduced a workflow to fill in the safety lapses to be named aptly as GC.

Till date GC has transformed to unify the different gate operations and simplify it under one stable application with an objective-to bring smiles to the process. Today GC is beautiful, flexible and technologically advanced enough to be used at practically every area that requires gate operations-corporate offices, SEZs, educational institutions, small-medium enterprises apart from large production plants, vast government organizations.

NudgeNext is progressing to implement streamlined gate operations fulfilling Safety and Productivity at the same time. We are constantly working to stress and spread the word on the necessity of organized gate operations in cost effective manner.