Aviation business is seeing a surge in demand in the transportation sector underlined by the need for smooth, fast and safe travel. Airport operators have a responsibility for smooth transfer of passengers from point of entry to take-off. The IT systems form the backbone for airport operations enabling multiple stakeholders to realize the potential.


IT Architecture Design

Technical validation of Airport Core Systems

  • Compute & Storage hardware

  • Network devices

  • Security devices

  • Software applications

Architectural review and Technology validation of Technology refresh packages

Latest technology market exploration affecting the airport operator business

Network architecture benchmarking based on new generation technologies

Application architecture and functional offerings: Scalability, features and licensing

Resource consolidation and sharing for cost savings and advanced data analytics

Product and technology deprecation: Trend analysis in technology lifecycle


Security operations Centre (SOC)

Cyber security: Network security with mandatory use of latest encryption algorithms at all application layers

Strengthen data leakage prevention (DLP)

Pro-active threat detection: Intrusion detection systems

Security incident management

Audit Compliance

project management.png

Project planning and management

Commercial benchmarking: Technology vs Cost based on value for investment

OEM technical discussions: Evaluation of technical capabilities and market foot print

Vetting of RFP: Detailed review of technical documentation

Implementation strategy and review of updated SOPs

Migration and operational cut-over strategies for Risk mitigation

IT Infra testing methodologies: Failover or business continuity test for Network, Firewall, Datacenter and Applications


Digitalization platform

Digital processes and IoT: Intelligent software to leverage technology benefits in applicable business processes

Cloud and Virtualization technologies: Faster and efficient provisioning of IT resources

Data analytics: Data driven Customer engagement and targeting for business growth

IT Automation: Automated application deployment, patch management and Database backups

Airport Technology Packages