Are you a Small-Medium Business establishment looking for enterprise class IT services to keep your business up and running 24/7 with restricted budget ?

We have made this possible for several customers across all business sectors


The IT bottlenecks experienced by SMBs

Confusing processes and fast changing Technology

Too many vendors for technology support

Legacy IT architecture and infrastructure

Poor communication, CCTV, billing, WiFi implementation

Business data breach and IT security issues

Maintenance issues due to poor in-house professional support teams


The Adaptive IT Solution

We build an Enterprise IT Infrastructure and operate it adapting to your business needs

Our philosophy: Start small - Think big with highly scalable infrastructure

All-in-one: Efficient connectivity between HO, branches and home for centralized and mobile office solution


Solution powered by Notal Probe: Automated monitoring system with Artificial intelligence to self heal . Capable of predicting chance of failure and pro-actively raising support tickets for risk mitigation

Completely IT administrator free with zero recruitment issues and manpower savings

We have adapted the IT needs of a small office with 5 PCs - 1 Server to Mini-Enterprises

Annual Service level agreement (SLA) with pay as your grow approach

Professional and matured NudgeNext support team to answer your queries

Our value addition: We provide a complete IT solution with maintenance and we do not re-sell IT Hardware

Adaptive IT Consultancy

Adaptive IT Infrastructure

Servers and Storage: High Availability and High Performance

Networking: Multi site connectivity with Data security and WiFi services

Virtual Private Cloud technology for resource consolidation and centralized system

Terminal Services: Automated workstations, printers, shared folders and user access

Audio and Video Communication: Collaboration and training solutions across geographic locations

IoT and Digitalization for business process automation

Adaptive IT Applications

Database Management : Db Clustering, Backup plan and Maintenance

Application  Management: Application server Clustering and Application maintenance

Configuration Management: Version Management with SVN Server and customization for business specific needs

Media: On demand media, Live streaming solutions and Corporate media production studio

Technologies from OEM we often support

Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google, Red Hat, Citrix, VMware

Cisco, HPE, Dell EMC

Checkpoint, Fortinet, Sophos

Polycom, Grandstream, Intel

Apple, Telestream, Wowza, Livestream, Plex

We also support a host of Open Source technologies for niche applications